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Books by Dr. Buenning

Autonomy Circles

This book describes a paradigm created by the author about thirty years ago that outlines the parenting process from birth to adulthood. The paradigm offers a road map to help children grow from complete dependence to complete autonomy. Several essential concepts are described that parents can use to help them transfer power or control to their children in a gradual process. Parents begin with virtually all the power and this paradigm offers them critical principles they can use to transfer power to their children in a thoughtful, sequential manner with a high likelihood that their children will be well prepared for adult life.
91 pp.

Close Time

In this book the author describes his unique application of the standard parenting technique commonly referred to as time out. The book details in very specific terms the purpose of close time, when to use it, and how to conduct it in a very loving, thoughtful, and specific way. The author discusses how it differs from typical time out programs in an effort to give parents a beginning process to help their children learn to love, trust, and obey. It offers parents a way teach their children lessons they want them to learn in a loving, non-punitive, non-depriving manner.
32 pp.

Spoiled Child Syndrome

Most people have heard of and/or used the term “spoiled child.” Additionally, many have suggested our society is producing an increasing number of children who might fit this description. The author offers his definition of the term. In addition he discusses what factors contribute to this condition as well as what parents can do to help children grow out of the spoiled condition into responsible, socially skilled, loving children.
58 pp.


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