Reactive Attachment Disorder Treatment (RAD)
Healing with Love and Limits
Walter D. Buenning, Ph.D. & Assoc.
Palo Alto, CA
Licensed Psychologist, Colorado #1424



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Typical Family Profile
with a RAD Child

  • The Child:
    Seems happy, charming, polite, and enjoyable toward others outside the home but is often uncontrollable inside the home.

  • The Father:
    Seems perplexed or concerned because he doesn't know if his wife or his child has created the problems and conflicts in the family.

  • The Mother:
    Feels frustrated, depressed, angry, and tired.

If this sounds like your family, we can help. For additional information view the other pages on our website or call Dr. Buenning for a telephone consult.

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Reactive Attachment Disorder Treatment