Reactive Attachment Disorder Treatment (RAD)
Healing with Love and Limits
Walter D. Buenning, Ph.D. & Assoc.
Palo Alto, CA
Licensed Psychologist, Colorado #1424



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Home-based Treatment

For several reasons, Dr. Buenning prefers to do therapy in the home. During therapy parents will be taught many parenting principles. Working in the home allows the parents to apply these principles through many typical family activities while being coached and observed in their home environment.

Dr. Buenning also teaches by modeling the principles he has taught. If more than one child is being treated, parents can work with several children simultaneously while being coached. Consequently, the therapy is not only informational but experiential teaching parents what to say but more importantly, what to do. Generally, home-based therapy for one child will consist of three seven-hour days of therapy. If two or more children are being treated, the therapy will typically last four days. Again, the duration of therapy is decided upon by Dr. Buenning and the parents with the child’s needs being the major consideration.

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